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The Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) has handed over various medical equipment for Kivule Hospital located in Ilala district in Dar es Salaam, as part of TAA’s participation in the Public Service week celebrations.

Handing over the equipment to the Hospital Management (Yesterday) on behalf of the Director General of the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA), Head of Legal and Liaison Unit of the Authority, Ms. Pamela Mugarula said the assistance was provided with the aim of helping mothers and a child.

He said, “With the little we have got, we have decided to use it to reach these mothers and infants as it should be noted that the Government in 2018 launched a campaign aimed at reducing maternal mortality and ensuring maternal and child safety.

He said, “In this celebration of Public Service Week, the Authority has decided to move closer to the community around our airports, and that is why we chose Kivule where there is a hospital after hearing that Kivule has a large hospital so we felt they deserved this help to reduce it. at least some of the equipment they will need at the hospital. “

In celebration of Public Service Week which runs from 16 to 23 June each year, the Authority focuses on supporting various communities by providing support for various facilities such as; sheets, masks, toiletries, office equipment, gloves, hand sanitizers, hand washing machines, brooms and handwashing soaps.

The leader said that this support every year and this year is aimed at supporting hospitals especially in the services provided to mother and child so that they can protect themselves from various infections and that they will continue to receive such support as much as possible.

Earlier giving a report on the hospital’s Chief Physician, Dr Thobias Nyamboto said the hospital serves about 700,000 residents of Ilala Municipality and neighboring Temeke and Kisarawe Districts.

“The hospital started providing services in June 2020 and currently serves about 150 patients a day including 50 pregnant women and since its inception the hospital has been able to care for about 24,000 patients and 708 pregnant women,” said Dr Nyamboto. 

He also noted that so far there has been a significant increase in the number of patients and pregnant women giving birth from various locations near the hospital.

Explaining the challenges of the hospital, Dr Nyamboto said the hospital was challenged by the lack of various diagnostic equipment such as radiation machines (x-rays).

He added that they are currently working to ensure that the hospital begins construction of the ward for women, men and children and oral and eye health facilities.

The Chief Nurse of the City of Dar es Salaam, Ms. Gerelada Mumba said the support provided by TAA will be used effectively to ensure the safety of mother and child against various infections so they believe this support will be sustainable.

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